Zero Waste Throughout The Chain……..

It may be a boring picture but I love the way our suppliers have the same ethos as ourselves! This delivery using only cardboard packaging and paper tape makes me happy! We try our hardest to have our supplies delivered in an eco friendly manner. If they don’t, we try and get them to change or avoid using them again. We don’t always get it right, sometimes things sneak in that we weren’t expecting but on the whole we think we do pretty well! Most of the foods come in 25kg paper sacks that we offer to be reused, some in smaller paper bags, some in natureflex which is compostable and some that can be recycled with bags that we take to Sainsburys recycling point.

It is a big part of zero waste that it should apply right down the line, our Sesi cleaning products are in 20L drums that they collect, clean and refill, same with the oils etc.

There has been a lot in the news the past couple of weeks (well what news there is apart from Covid!) about the supermarkets offering a refill dispenser service similar to ours. I hope they are following this through their chain. I am aware that another supermarket chain who trialled it were seen filling the dispensers from the plastic bags on the shelves! What’s the point of that!? Greenwashing the public into beliveing they are reducing their waste when they aren’t, you also need to look at the ethics of the producers they are stocking as refillable. Unilever for example launched a range of refillable Persil & Radox amongst others. A a great majority of our customers wouldn’t use their products anyway due to ethical issues including environmental reporting, habitats & resources, palm oil, pollution and toxics, human rights, workers’ rights, supply chain management, irresponsible marketing, animal rights, animal testing, factory farming, anti-social finance, controversial technologies and political activities. Plus again, would they arrive to store in plastic free packaging? Very doubtful!


Posted by Eco Maniax - Oct 31, 2020