Sodium Carbonate – Washing Soda


Many uses in cleaning!

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Main Information:

  • Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous
  • Molecular Formula: Na2CO3
  • CAS Number: 497-19-8
  • Manufacturer: TATA Chemicals Europe
  • Grade: Standard Grade
  • Appearance: Granular

Also Known As:

  • Disodium Carbonate
  • Soda Ash

Key Properties:

  • It has a chemical structure of Na2CO3 and a molecular formula of CNa2O3.
  • The compound will melt at 851 degrees Celsius or 1564 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sodium carbonate is non-combustible and will decompose in effervescent acids.
  • Sodium carbonate takes the form of a white crystalline powder, soluble in water at 45.5g/100 mL.
  • The compound remains stable under ordinary conditions and does not pose a threat of fire.
  • Sodium carbonate poses no hazards in transportation and has a bulk density of 400 to 700 kg/mg3.
  • Its pH measures 11.6 and it has no distinguishable odour.
  • Sodium carbonate has high alkaline properties.

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