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Organic Castile Soap


Castile Soap is a vegetable oil soap that is free of animal fats and synthetic ingredients. This natural, nontoxic, biodegradable soap is available in Liquid form and is a fantastic base soap to create a wide range of cleaning products.

Most soaps are on the basic or alkaline side of the pH scale, whereas Castile Soap is around 8.9 which is the same level as baking soda. This means it is more alkaline than mild dish soap, but not so much as bleach or tile cleaners. This makes it perfect for a variety of household uses.

The soap molecules have grease-grabbing properties that when mixed with water attract and capture dirt and other types of non-water soluble molecules.

Don’t mix it with an acid based product such as vinegar as the reaction cancels out both and can leave a white film that is difficult to remove.