Vegan Cheese


I AM NUT OK has grown to become one of the UK’s top artisan vegan cheese brands! They use a mix of traditional and new techniques to create plant-based cheeses which are produced by hand in small batches. Their not cheeses go through a process of fermentation and ageing, then given extra notes of flavour with herbs, spices, and various tasty gems found in the plant kingdom.

G.O.A.T – Italian Herb

A tangy, herby cashew cheese infused with Italian herbs, bursting with Mediterranean flavours to complement notes of citrus and floral. Perfect as a pizza topping, mixed into pasta sauce, or enjoyed on crackers with sundried tomatoes.


PapaRica This delicious cheese has been aged to perfection with a hint of smoke!



Fresh, tangy, briny. It’s the fetamorphosis of cashews into the most amazing vegan feta cheese!


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