Shropshire Seaweed Fertilizer


Shropshire Seaweed is harvested sustainably from Irish waters and sold exclusively through the internet and small, independent traders. Relying only on the word-of-mouth recommendations of our loyal fans, this new product has risen to become one of the UK’s best-selling organic plant feeds in the space of just four years. The result is a versatile liquid fertilizer which delivers outstanding results across the board: increasing fruit and vegetable yields; promoting stronger, healthier flowers and plants; and producing picture-perfect lawns.
♻️What’s even better about the company is how they are supporting the zero waste movement by suppling to shops such as ours to reduce their own environmental impact & the 20L containers they deliver in are sent back to be reused when empty. For more on them read the link below. You’ll be supplied with a card with product into & doseage instructions.
For more info on the product: Shropshire Seaweed

Purchased in 100ml increments. Please state how many in the drop down box.

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