Organic Yerba Mate


UPPLIER NOTES Our Yerba Mate is very special, as it is wildharvested by small-scale family farmers from mature trees in the forests of Brazil, rather than from vast monocultures as has become commonplace with more commercial Mate production. This unique source was recommended to us by our customer Yuyo, who are passionate Yerba Mate activists and experts – we highly recommend their brilliant teas. After harvesting the branches, the leaves are dried in a process similar in principle to coffee roasting and it is this drying process that gives Mate its distinct smoky flavour. Mate has been enjoyed for generations as a social drink across South America, the leaves are traditionally brewed in a gourd and drunk through a metal straw known as a bombilla – the drink is often passed from one person to the next and the infusion of the leaves can be steeped multiple times. TASTING NOTES Herbaceous, earthy, uplifting and astringent.

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