Dr Eamers – Hell Smoked Rum


Over 18’s Only

40%vol – 50cl

Our Rum has been barrel aged in an ex Islay Whisky Cask along with: Fresh Scotch Bonnet and Birds Eye Chillis, Smoked Chipotle and Ancho Chillis, and Cacao Nibs. And, this time we have aged a Triple Chocolate Stout in the cask prior to our Rum giving extra Chocolatey Goodness!

Waves of Smoke bellows across the palate, with decadent chocolate followed by fresh chilli spice that builds and blends with the smoke to create a BBQ sauce character with a spicy finish.

The unique brown bag packaging, hand stamped in the distillery to give it that distressed look, completes the experience.

Definitely not for the feint but this monster is a truly excellent example of barrel aged Rum.


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