Cloth Sanitary Pads


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There’s no rocket science, ‘secret sauce’ or magic involved in how period pants and cloth sanitary pads work.

Inner layer  

  • this goes against your skin and is  cotton which will wick away dampness, keeping you feeling dry

Absorbent layer

  • In our cloth sanitary pads, it’s either cotton in our ultrapads  These is our most absorbent option, so if you’ve got very heavy periods, these are best for you.

Waterproof layer

  • Our cloth sanitary pads use PUL (lamination) of the outer layer for their waterproof layer.  This prevents leaks, keeping you safe and secure all day.

Breathable Outer Layer

  • Our outer layers are breathable meaning that you feel comfortable wearing them

Available in 3 different absorbencies & various designs.

Also a double wetbag with 2 seperate sealed pouches for dry & wet pads.


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