Cloth Sanitary Pad Kit


Reusable sanitary pad kit from a not for profit social business – Trade For Aid

“By buying this set of reusable sanitary pads, you will be helping a refugee to have a better period. You will also be helping to fund menstrual health programmes for school girls in West Africa.

We are a not-for-profit social business. All our profits go to funding emergency sanitary kits for refugees and running menstrual health programmes. By purchasing your sanitary pads from us, you are helping women and girls around the world to have a better period. Plus, you get outstanding pads at an affordable price!

We’re trying to create a sustainable movement to help women in need to have a better period. We’re not reliant on donations or fundraising. By selling our reusable pads to you, we can provide emergency sanitary products to women and girls living in refugee camps. Plus, we’re also able to provide menstrual health sessions in West Africa for schools.

We also sell our packs of reusable sanitary pads at our cost price in low-income countries. This means that women and girls in those countries get our discreet, long-lasting, and comfortable pads at an outstanding price.”

Each pack contains:

2 x heavy

2 x medium

2 x light flow

1 x waterproof wet bag

All in a box with instructions. Great savings on buying individual pads!